OWI / DUI – Operating While Impaired – Driving Under the Influence

Anderson Indiana DUI OWI Lawyer AttorneyAn Operating a vehicle While Intoxicated (also known as OWI or DUI) conviction immediately leads to your license being suspended, leaving you with questions of how to get to work in the morning and continue your life.  An OWI/DUI conviction will become part of your permanent record. Along with your license being suspended, you will face probation, fines, and probably even imprisonment.

When you are charged with an OWI/DUI you need an experienced OWI attorney on your side, one that has knowledge of all aspects of Indiana’s traffic code.  
We challenge your OWI charges from the initial stop to any chemical test.  We question if the officer had reasonable suspicion to stop your vehicle?  If you passed through a sobriety checkpoint, was it a legally valid checkpoint?  Did the officer have probable cause to perform the field sobriety tests?  Was the officer properly trained to give these tests and were they performed correctly?  If a chemical test was done, were the results accurate and reliable?

During the process of your initial consultation, we work with you to make sure that you understand the impact that your case will have on your license.  Often times an individual will be dangerously close to being labeled a ‘Habitual Traffic Violator”, and losing their license for YEARS at a time, without even knowing it.

A First time OWI conviction can be punished by up to a year in jail, a $5000 dollar fine, and a 2 year license suspension. Penalties increase when an individual has prior convictions for OWI.

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