Family Law

family law divorce attorney anderson indiana law Daniel Whitehead Divorce and family law matters have the potential to touch all areas of one’s life from finances, parenting and property. Divorce means different things to different people. For some it is a highly emotional process that comes unexpectedly, though for others it is a necessary legal step that must be taken to allow them to move on with life. Our lawyers understand that the breakdown of a marriage is usually one of the most difficult and painful experiences in a person’s life.  Along with the highly emotional aspects of divorce there are many important legal and financial issues.  Our attorneys take the time to listen to each client so we can provide personal advice to meet each of our clients unique needs.

Children are the most precious products of a marriage, custody and visitation are two of the most emotionally draining issues that arise when marriages or other relationships end. Child custody and visitation are areas that in a perfect world would be settled by the parents taking into consideration the best interests of the child. In reality however, child custody disputes often occur. In deciding child care issues there are two considerations: 1) who will make the decisions for the children (legal custody) and 2) Who will the children live with (physical custody).  Along with determining what the best parenting plan for the children comes the need to support those children.  Child Support is a payment made to the custodial parent intended for support of the children.  Our attorneys know that resolving marital disputes requires negotiation.  To be the most effective litigator an attorney must have both the ability to negotiate and the skills necessary to litigate to the highest level.  We will attempt to negotiate a parenting plan that is beneficial for the children. If that is not possible we are experienced and talented litigators that are ready to fight for your rights in court.

Even after the divorce our attorneys are here to fight for your rights. In any divorce parenting time, decision making, time schedules, custody and child support are the subject of continuing jurisdiction of the Court. As children grow, so do their needs.  The obligation to pay child support continues until a child is emancipated.  The responsibility of paying support is independent of the right to have visitation.  Even if you change jobs or are laid off, your child support obligation will remain the same until changed in court.  If you are dealing with a change in income, a change in the cost of childcare, or other financial changes, you may need the advice of a skilled and experienced divorce attorney.

Our firm’s attorneys are experienced and knowledgeable with respect to each step in a paternity proceeding as well including the resulting child support and parenting time issues that come along with paternity being established.

We understand that some individuals prefer to decide issues surrounding their divorce outside of a courtroom.  One way to decide the issues of a divorce outside of court is through the use of mediation.  A mediator is a neutral third party who attempts to work with parties and their attorneys to attempt to find a middle ground that everyone can be satisfied with.  We are committed to representing you in whatever context is best for you.

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