Expungement – Sealing the Record

erase criminal record - seal record- expunge criminal lawyer attorney anderson indianaStarting a new path in life and still controlled by your past?  A past criminal mistake can derail your future and your ability to get a job, especially in Anderson Indiana.  Our criminal law attorneys understand the importance of a clean record and we will fight for your ability to obtain it.

There are two ways in which an arrest or conviction can be taken off your record:

Expungement and Sealing of your record.

An expungement is the complete destruction of your criminal record.  Most arrests/convictions cannot be expunged. The second route, is the “sealing of your record”.  If your record is sealed, the record still exists but can only be seen by law enforcement, or in the possibility of future sentencing.  The law in this area can be very complex. By scheduling a meeting with our attorneys we can review your criminal history and work to ensure that your reputation is protected and your future is not unnecessarily controlled by your past charges.

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