Drugs, Controlled Substances, Marijuana

drugs criminal attorney anderson indiana lawyerAmerica’s war on drugs has lead to severe penalties for even a small amount of drugs and Indiana has some of the toughest drug laws in the country. It is illegal to possess street drugs (such as cocaine, methamphetamine, marijuana, and heroin). It is also illegal to possess prescription drugs without a valid prescription. Depending on the amount of drugs that one possesses and where you are when one is found with the drugs, you could face up to fifty years in prison.

A conviction on drug possession charges can have life altering effects. Having even a single joint in one’s car can lead to one being denied from federal benefits, food stamps, student aid for college, and temporary loss of your children, along with a suspended license.

Dan Whitehead has focused much of his practice on drug related issues because of false arrests of his family and being personally targeted at one time.  This abuse of power propelled Dan Whitehead into going to law school and using the appellate process to free family members who were wrongfully accused.  Attorney Dan Whitehead has been passionately protecting his clients against drug related charges since he began practicing in Anderson Indiana.  He will continue to passionately protect others for drug related offenses and criminal charges for you.  Call the office today and have the team assist you today.

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