Driving Violations


indiana police traffic suspended license speeding criminal law attorney anderson indiana Seeing a police officer’s lights behind one’s vehicle is one of life’s most nervous moments. When we are ticketed, most individuals will pay the ticket without thinking of the hidden costs that will result from the ticket being on their record. Once the BMV receives notice that the ticket is paid, it will go on your BMV report and be able to be seen by your insurance company, this leads to increased insurance rates for years at a time.  When one seeks a job that requires them to drive, companies will do an in depth review of your driving record.  Too many violations and you will be deemed to be a Habitual Traffic Violator and lose your license.

Being ticketed is even worse for individuals who have a commercial driver’s license.  An increase in points on their license can cost a CDL driver his/her job.  The federal government is making it more difficult for commercial drivers to fight their tickets.

Sometimes paying the ticket is the right thing to do, in other circumstances you should act to protect your rights.  We know the impact a traffic violation will have on your life.  We know how to aggressively defend your rights and the questions to ask the officer in defending your rights. We are here to help you take care of the small mistakes before they become big problems.


Having a license is essential for our ability to lead an independent life: It’s how we get to work, transport our children to and from school, and go out with our friends. When your license is suspended you need someone on your side. Reinstatement of your driving privileges often requires the completion of a series of steps that may include court intervention.  We can guide you through the legal options available to you in efforts to gaining your license back.  If your license is suspended because you have driven without insurance or because you cannot pay reinstatement fees, we may still be able to help through a hardship license.

Helping those who need to cure a suspended license in Madison County, Hamilton County, Delaware County, Marion County encompassing Muncie, Anderson, Noblesville, Fishers, Indianapolis, and all the areas in between.