Domestic Battery, Assault, Abuse

Unfortunately when marriage and other relationships break up false accusations of domestic abuse are far too frequent. Our attorneys understand that just because someone has been accused of domestic violence does not necessarily mean that someone is guilty.  At the end of relationships especially those involving children there are many reasons to allege abuse. Sometimes a parent will allow abuse to prevent a divorcing parent from seeing their child or exact revenge for a former partner that is beginning a new relationship.

When you are charged with Domestic Battery, the Court is likely to issue an order of protection against you.  This can cause great damage to your divorce or child custody proceedings.  When law enforcement is called out to the scene of a domestic situation, they are often confronted with a situation where the parties are telling opposite stories.  Often officers are placed in a situation where an arrest must be made solely upon the accusations of another.  It is up to a knowledgeable criminal attorney to see to it that any false information given to police is exposed.
Winning a domestic battery trial requires preparation and experience.

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