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You MUST act quickly to file an appeal with the Indiana Court of Appeals.  Waiting too long can prevent you from protecting your rights to having your wrongful conviction overturned.  Because the time needed to prepare and file an appeal is intensive, waiting for the last moment to decide who will handle the appeal may be detrimental to your case.  Daniel Whitehead understands the importance of filing a timely appeal and having wrongful convictions overturned.   If you feel like your case was not handled correctly, that you had ineffective counsel, that evidence was submitted improperly, or that you have been wrongfully convicted, get in touch with the office as soon as possible so we may begin to protect your rights and your future.  You do not need to be from Anderson Indiana to hire Daniel Whitehead Law Offices either.  Dan and Chris help indviduals from all over the state.  Whether you are in the comfort of your own home, on house arrest, or at the Pendleton Reformatory Prison, you can rest assure that you do not need to come into the office to begin the appellate process.


Post Conviction Relief  (also known as a PCR) is a special process used in Indiana that is similar to the appellate process but allows a person who has been convicted to challenge their conviction before the Indiana Court of Appeals and the Indiana Supreme Court.  Typically a PCR is not done until your appellate remedies have been consumed but it is not always necessary.  Recently in the news in Fishers, Indiana, Charlie White, convicted of voter fraud among other things, filed for Post Conviction Relief on March 15, 2013, when the Indiana Court of Appeals granted his Emergency Petition to Stay Direct Appeal.   This allowed Charlie White to by pass the appellate process and use PCR rules instead.  When we have had an opportunity to review your case, we will pour over the facts of your case, look for errors in procedure and errors in law, and be able to advise you of your options in Court.Post Conviction Relief PCR appeal indiana court Anderson indiana criminal attorney

Other ways that Post Conviction Relief is different than an appeal start in that a PCR is first filed in the original trial court. Unlike an appeal, a PCR gives the convicted person the opportunity to introduce new evidence and present testimony that was not presented at the original trial.  This is how DNA evidence is submitted for sentence reconsideration long after the appellate time limits have terminated or witnesses that come forward years later.  Give Daniel Whitehead Law Offices an opportunity to review your conviction and perhaps you will get that chance you did not receive your first trip though the criminal justice system.

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